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Real estate industry eyes Illinois governor’s race but hasn’t ponied up yet

Illinois’ real estate and construction sectors are eyeing the upcoming governor’s race. But industry players may not be opening their wallets the way they once did.

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Target Corp. shares have fallen 10 percent but are poised for a comeback

Discount retailer Target is slowly bouncing back from the holiday data breach last year that helped send its same-store sales decline 2.5 percent during the fourth quarter and holiday season. Shares of the company are down some 10 percent this year so far, but analysts say bargain-hunting investors may want to take a closer look at the company.

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Executive compensation for top Illinois manufacturers up 23 percent

Executive compensation at the top 10 public manufacturing companies in Illinois was up 23 percent in 2013 to a median of $10.68 million, according to an analysis by Medill News Service. The increases come as the industry is gaining momentum.

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Civic hackers wear the white hats in a growing profession

Civic hackers aren’t up to anything harmful, such as stealing personal information. Their goal is to take open government data that’s difficult to navigate and develop apps to make it accessible to citizens. It’s a growing field.

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United Airlines grounds economy travelers with MileagePlus changes

United Airlines is changing its MileagePlus loyalty program next year in a move to reward its big-spending frequent business travelers. But is it a risky move for an airline that ranks second to last in customer satisfaction?

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Spirit Airlines lifts off on high margins and future growth plans

Spirit Airlines, ranked America’s least-favorite airline by Consumer Reports in 2013, draws in customers with its low fares and then charges them extra for carry-on bags or a bottle of water. But Wall Street and investors love the company for its growth strategy and fat profit margins.

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CME Group shares languishing from low volatility

Low volume amid low volatility has weighed on CME Group’s shares, which have fallen 11 percent so far this year.

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Think twice before you borrow from 401k plan

Should you borrow money from your 401k retirement savings plan when you need cash for a large purchase? Experts caution there are better ways to come up with the money.

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Manufacturing growth expanded in May; ISM released incorrect data

Manufacturing activity in the U.S. rose in line with expectations in May, according to the Institute for Supply Management, helping underpin another record day on Wall Street. ISM initially reported a decline in its key index, but later said it was an error and instead reported a gain.

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Uncertain investment climate may hurt Mexico’s 2014 GDP growth

After a disheartening first quarter, economists say an uncertain investment climate amid government reform could hurt Mexico’s growth potential in 2014.

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